torsdag 25. august 2011

Takk Gud .

I realized that its been one year since I travelled to New York City & as I read a page in my Diary that reveals some of my thoughts & feelings from this day I couldn't help but share a lil excerpt.

" GOING TO NEW YORK CITY ! 25.08.2010

So... This is the day.. Today is the day...

What an awesome summer this has been. In so many ways God has shown me his love, again & again. So many times He has made me speechless, cause He takes my breath away. So many times I've been filled with His overwhelming joy that makes my heart smile biiig..... I'm grateful for all those small details that have crowned this summer with sparkling joy. I'm grateful that God puts dreams into my heart. Now is a new beginning, starting with 7 months in NYC, No matter what this year will bring I know I'm not alone, because God is my shepherd & He will carry all of my burdens. Everyday I'll have to rely on Him & make Him my trust. Everyday, in every situation, in every prayer. Soooo. As I put my trust in God I will say with perfect confidence that this year will turn out as the best year ever. Because the best is yet to come ! Takk Gud.

This note brings me back to an adventure that started with Maria, Ruth Elise & me meeting at the airport in Oslo. I suddenly remember fixing my VISA, paying my tickets.. I remember the flight; first to Kristiansand, then Oslo & then NYC. I can see our faces, expressing excitement, joy, anxiousness.. I remember we arriving the city, & then our dorm. I remember we go out to find something to eat, cause we were starving, but then we were soo lost & 90 min later we had walked our way from upper east side to Time Square.... OBS. Not city girls the first day no... I also cannot forget our first bite of Cosi's pizza that became our favorite pizza during our stay. :) ! I remember the awful beds that didn't give us any sleep & we had to go to IKEA in Brooklyn and find new ones.. I remember the incredible hot days of august & september, all the sweating & our sore feet from walking all day long. I feel the joy as we went to Empire State Building & the breathtaking view... yeah, I could bring up a LOT more. BUT then again what I feel the most, is gratefulness to my God, for His goodness & faithfulness .


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