mandag 1. august 2011


Four different girls. Four different stories. One summer tradition.

A trip to our neighbor country & the land where 50 % of my blood comes from. Sweden. A trip where we're allowed to break every rule about being an adult. We can finally let out our hair. We buy loads of candy. We relax. We enjoy. We laugh. We grow. We are girls. We are best friends. We talk to each other hearts. We remember who we are & who we are supposed to be. .


The Girl with the most contagious laughter

The thinking Girl that understands what you are goin through

The Girl who always looks at the bright side

The Flirting girl with the prettiest smile

All of us happy & pleased & ready to make some new memories in Liseberg, an awesome amusement park :)

Flum Ride

I won the prize

She usually wins the teddy bears

She usually smiles

This is one of our favorite attractions

This one as well

my Grandma's farm

So blessed to have these girls as my best friends. So grateful that we share the One desire to be a change in this world & The desire to love Jesus.

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