lørdag 27. november 2010


Sometimes you wonder if God exists

If He's close or far away.

Sometimes it's hard to believe

That His son already made a way.

Sometimes you wonder if it's true

That a love unconditionally was made for you.

Sometimes you doubt this thought

That the struggle you're facing already was fought.

Sometimes you look up at the sky

Sending secret wishes and a silent pray.

Sometimes you look down at the ground

Unspoken words hoping to be found.

Sometimes you feel secure

Walking with stronger steps and a stronger core.

Sometimes you long for more

Something different and something sure.

But if you would just notice that I'm here with you,

wether you doubt it or you feel it's true.

Knowing that my love for you never fails,

It is gracious and boundless in all kind of ways.

mandag 15. november 2010


" The more I seek you, the more I find you. The more I find you, the more I love you..."

This sentence from the song called "The more I seek you" has gone through my head a lot lately. I've noticed that I've started to not only sing this song in my head, but I've also proclaimed these words as I sing out loud. In the shower. In my room. As I walk in the busy streets... These words have changed something in my heart. I'm givin God myself, my every tear, my joy, my desires and my dreams, all of it. Sometimes that is enough. Sometimes we're supposed to do nothing but be with God, in His presence, wrapped in His strong & loving arms.. And He will do the rest.. Than He has our hearts and He can do whatever He desire. Than He can fill our hearts with His love. Than He can make us love. Than He can restore what is broken. He can change what not pleases Him. He can give, not only enough of what we need, seek or pray about, but He gives more than enough.. Thats how He works. Thats what makes Him God. My God and my Stronghold. Givin God our hearts is an act of trust.. This childish faith that makes God greatest as we realize we're nothing without Him. " But the Lord's unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in Him. "psalm 32,10

- The girl that still smiles because of Gods grace -

mandag 1. november 2010


Even though Halloween is supposed to be sssccaaAAARY, I've found the last days more hilarious than scary. The city has been all dressed up for the celebration of Halloween. I'm talkin huge, hairy spiders down the buildings, cobweb covering stairs & doors, ghosts in the trees, pumpkins everywhere, but most important people in their COSTUMES. It seems like this is just as important for the grown ups as for the kids, well, I would rather say, the costumes is kinda a BIG deal for everybody, young as old, kid, teenagers, parents, grandparents. All kinda people are gathering for this celebration to join the party in literally all kind of costumes. We've seen Michael Jackson, Sandy from grease, a family with their King, Queen & two kids taken out of a fairy-tale. We've seen Willy Wonka, SUPER MARIO, animals from the jungle, ghosts and mummies. We've seen crazzzy hair & crazzy make up, just to mention some of it. 31st of October Maria & I went to see the New York's Village Halloween Parade with some of our friends from school. It went all the way up from spring street to 16th street at 6 avenue, and two million people watched this spectacular parade with dancers, musicians, artists in amazing costumes. Unfortunately the cold drew Maria & me home after a time, and the temperature is really tellin us that november is here. Brrr.....