torsdag 24. mars 2011


Once upon a time, a girl happened to be in New York City. She loved this place, more than anything. As the dancer she was this was The perfect place to be, she got to see, experience and do dancing in a way beyond her imagination. For her, it somehow felt too good to be true. But it was true. & she enjoyed herself in a way she didn't even think was possible. Actually, something about this place, and the people she met changed her life & she found herself with people and with God in a whole different way. She could never be the same. This girl loved to explore new parts of this magic place...But there was ONE place she loved more than anything. Here she found rest, she found beauty, she found joy, inspiration, she found time to think, to pray and to dream.... She was found in Central Park.

lørdag 19. mars 2011


A special thank to my mum & dad that have been visiting me in NYC the last 9 days. Thanks for all the 250 WEST coffees that we grabbed on our way out of the hotel they were staying at...( Even though I didn't stay there, doesn't mean I don't take advantage of it :p ) Thanks for all the meals & dinners at alices teacup, cosi, spice, goodburger, Manhattan diner, hotel empire, applebees...Thanks for treating me new clothes. Thanks for bein here at the one performance i got to do in the city. Thanks for coming with me to church. Thanks for all our walks & all our talks. Thanks for appreciating me, supporting me & loving me.

Thanks for making these days special by being here :)

torsdag 17. mars 2011


The cry that nobody else can hear

The scars that are hiding so deep

The hidden & unspoken words

The punch inside that hurts

The soreness that you feel

The emptiness that strucks you for real

The weak and soundless noise

The whisper of your own voice

The cry that only you know what is

Its not yours alone, It is also His.

mandag 14. mars 2011


VISA VOICES was made for the VISA students at DNA as an opportunity for us to do a performance while we do our dance program. Together with 15 other dancers from all over the world we united in a piece called ” Let it fly ”, choreographed by an amazing choreograph, dancer and person, Stephanie Landouer. Six weeks of intense rehearsals prepared us for this one show & hard work pays off. The joy & excitement of showing what we’ve learned and practised in the studio glistened in all our eyes before we went on stage. I have to say I enjoyed every breath of it.

As my ballet teacher says; a dancer practises years and YEARs for a moment..
This is true in so many ways, BUT still.. We don’t know what happens tomorrow so we should really learn to make that moment today, dancer or not. ☺

Thanks to all the one hundred friends, family & strangers that showed up for the show :) !

torsdag 10. mars 2011


So, I've had some wonderful first days as a twenty years old, & I love this new tradition about birthdaymonth... :)

But I'm gonna be very humble & tell the truth about one thing. & this is a laughing matter for sure. My birthday gifts pretty much started & ended with chocolate. Lets see... 80 % of the gifts I've got is chocolate. Chocolate truffles, chocolate bar, chocolate brownie, chocolate heart, MAX BRENNER t-shirt, MAX BRENNER fondu, MAX BRENNER hug mug...

It all makes me SO amazingly happy, because I love this sweetness of dark delicious heavenly stuff... & people seem to have noticed...lolol.

See what New York CITY may do to you.. Even to a dancer.....:)

mandag 7. mars 2011


Because I'm 20 years old TODAY :D

My day so far; a bunch of birthday texts, Maria & Annie calling me, skype with my family, a bunch of emails :)

I will continue the celebration with some dancing & a cookie of course....

søndag 6. mars 2011


Yup, the numbers are shining... 20 años! Me getting to celebrate in NYC is a biiig smilefjes. I don't just get to be in the biig city, I get to celebrate with amazing people... I've already celebrated with my dance friends as we went for dinner & dessert at MAX BRENNER. Then I got the opportunity to do karaoke with Erika, Annie & Louis, which was hilarious. More celebration is coming up this week with more amazing people. I like to fulfill this great idea one of the girls on my floor told me..

Her- "Ooh is your birthday this monday, congratulations! "
me- "Thanks! But it's still some more days to go...."
Her- "NO! It's the whole month!"

"p-p-p-party everyday".......:)


You see

Sometimes joy may drift away

But you can choose to follow The Way.

In that choice you’ll find a joy deeper & greater

You don’t wanna miss it, don’t wait until later.

Peace will follow as a guarantee

that His kid you’ll forever be.

His blessings will meet you in every step you take

Do you understand that He died for your sake?

This is not an evening story before you go to sleep

It’s something that dig deeper, it might even make you weep.

It's gonna change your heart from within.

Because Jesus ripped away all of your sin.

tirsdag 1. mars 2011

The Three S'sss

Alle gode ting er 3? I allefall når de begynner på S... Fantastisk formiddag på Starbucks og kvalitetstid med min beste venninne på skype. Det er definitivt et stORT smilefjes.

Starbucks coffee

Skype date with my favorite girl, Marlén.