torsdag 10. mars 2011


So, I've had some wonderful first days as a twenty years old, & I love this new tradition about birthdaymonth... :)

But I'm gonna be very humble & tell the truth about one thing. & this is a laughing matter for sure. My birthday gifts pretty much started & ended with chocolate. Lets see... 80 % of the gifts I've got is chocolate. Chocolate truffles, chocolate bar, chocolate brownie, chocolate heart, MAX BRENNER t-shirt, MAX BRENNER fondu, MAX BRENNER hug mug...

It all makes me SO amazingly happy, because I love this sweetness of dark delicious heavenly stuff... & people seem to have noticed...lolol.

See what New York CITY may do to you.. Even to a dancer.....:)

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  1. I appreciate that you're using that photo! :)