mandag 14. mars 2011


VISA VOICES was made for the VISA students at DNA as an opportunity for us to do a performance while we do our dance program. Together with 15 other dancers from all over the world we united in a piece called ” Let it fly ”, choreographed by an amazing choreograph, dancer and person, Stephanie Landouer. Six weeks of intense rehearsals prepared us for this one show & hard work pays off. The joy & excitement of showing what we’ve learned and practised in the studio glistened in all our eyes before we went on stage. I have to say I enjoyed every breath of it.

As my ballet teacher says; a dancer practises years and YEARs for a moment..
This is true in so many ways, BUT still.. We don’t know what happens tomorrow so we should really learn to make that moment today, dancer or not. ☺

Thanks to all the one hundred friends, family & strangers that showed up for the show :) !

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ser & høres utrolig ut, Marielle! Du er en fantastisk danser!!! Stolt av deg:) <3

    - Renate:)