tirsdag 7. januar 2014

American christmas this (last) year!

This christmas was a little different from what Im used to. I was honored to be a part of Jeff & his family's christmas holiday in Georgia. It was so fun, and even though it was different, I found it exciting to experience an american christmas. (That has always been my secret dream).

 I love being with my family, and I missed them during the time in The States. But facetime made it a little easier.  I do wish sometimes I could be two places at once..

We were delayed into London, but we got escorted to the next gate, so we made the Atlanta flight, and we got to the US safely. We enjoyed the long flight with movies, books and shoulder rolls. :)

- AMERICA here we are again! -

They say everything is bigger in Amuurica. Jeff's parents had a christmas tree that almost reached the ceiling. I found it so beautiful! Absolutely love everything that has to do with christmas.

Grandparents & grandkids

Uncle Jeff & his adorable nephew

This little guy I fell in love with, and I guess he kinda liked me as well.

Jeff is handing out the christmas gifts. His usual duty on christmas day.

The more the merrier... Right?
The kids got caught up with all the gifts. 

This baby doll is simply beautiful.

She is smiling all the time!

These precious babies had their first christmas. They seemed to like it. :)

The small cousins..

VS the big cousins...

We had so much fun with these guys!


This is my amuurican hunk!

One day we went to a german town called Helen. It was beautiful there. They sold some scandinavian stuff as well.

Such a nice cafe! 

This red velvet cake was so good!

Beautiful family of three


One, two... Put your hands up! :p

This little guy is running around, always into something!


Oh, we love Amurrrica 

 y'all ready for some big stuff in 2014!  

"But as for me, I trust in you, O Lord: I say "You are my God", my times are in your hand." Psalm 31, 14-15