mandag 27. juni 2011





Titta på oss

Nhåå Turtelduene :)

Vakre tjeier


Endelig.. Herr & Fru Hennigsen :)

aaa, LYKKE :))

søndag 26. juni 2011


When the storms calm down

and I'm found in a rather quiet place

I face a different challenge now

- courage to make the most of these days

I find myself breathe in some fresh air

& it's not even that important what I choose to wear

Its all about one call that was given many years ago

I realize - to get a harvest I first have to sow

Letting God do the difference

- of changing my heart and my soul

as His peace replaces

what once was a distraught hole.

torsdag 23. juni 2011


The days are gettin warmer and people are happier...

But you know for sure that it's summer in Norway when the sun doesn't go down until 10 pm, well, at least when we get the sunny days. The sun doesn't kiss me as much as I want it to. But, sunshine days I get anyways, if the house is gathered with family & friends & we do barbecues or eat ice cream & strawberries.. :) Or when my sisters & I make smoothies all the time, or do face masks. When we suddenly want to jump into the cold cOLD sea late at night.. Or when some friends are gathered to take a boat trip alongside the seaside.. When a lot of weddings are comin up ! And when we never get ourselves in bed cause hey', its summer after all :)

søndag 19. juni 2011


Are you willing to give God your hearts desires so He can grow the most important in your life ?

Are you willing to listen to His words with an upright and obedient heart ?

Are you willing to put other peoples needs before your own ?

Are you willing to be seen as different in a world that is judgmental ?

Are you willing to open your eyes and be touched by how unfair this world is ?

Are you willing to lift up your head when you feel hopeless ?

Are you willing to encourage everyone else when you want it the least ?

Are you willing to smile even though you're faced with darkness ?

Are you willing to talk about sex slavery when all your friends wanna gossip ?

Are you willing to accept that YOU ARE irreplaceable ?

Are you willing to be embraced by the greatest Love of all ?

Are you WILLING to walk the way that God has prepared for just you ?

mandag 13. juni 2011


So, once again I was lucky to travel, to a place, not too far from Norway, but to a bigger city I've never been to before, to visit one of my best friends, Marlén, in her new town. :)

So in Copenhagen we meet, Marlén, Maria & me. Classmates for three years & dancers- READY to experience some more unforgettable memories that the one's we've already made, in Bulgaria, London, Turkey, New York City, as well as Sandnes, Grimstad and now Copenhagen.


Girls night

Ice cream & strawberries

Shoe shopping

more shopping



Urban Outfitters

Cola light

Top Fashion

Its THE Bicycle city

Italian Restaurant


more Cola Light


. . . .

no words needed. :p


Dancers - as you can tell :p

The Little Mermaid

Starbucks Coffee


tirsdag 7. juni 2011


Some call it luck, other would say; it was just right for you to happen, or; you may just be in a great season of your life right now.

But, to be honest. I've got NO luck. Second of all, life doesn't prove itself perfect, not now - NEVER. and I certainly aint the person who get things easily. Usually I work hard if I need something or want something. Thats why I find it a bit confusing when I actually GET INTO the dance school I applied for. AND get a nice apartment which I might share with my best friend ( we'll see how that goes :p) Plus a job for the summer..

I'm really speechless cause this aint normal - for me at least.

I came to think why these last few months have been SO blessed & SO different & I realized it's because I made a choice - To Trust God. & what a blessing it is to trust a certain God in this uncertain world.

".. But he who trusts in the Lord will prosper. " prov 28, 25

søndag 5. juni 2011


Goin for a four hours drive to the west coast the first summerday in Norway, to look up some apartments, to spend a nice weekend at a nice hotel with mi familia, to see good friends and to climb a well known mountain in Norway :)

Mum & Dad

Sister $ Sister

Climbing the beautiful mountains in Norway, an exotic day for sure !

Wiiiiiiii !


..hahah, this wasn't as easy as I thought

a beautiful view

Top of Preikestolen!

Too many hours in the car means a lot of pictures :p

SmIIIIIIIIIIILE ... or rather not.

Pretty sis :)

M: I looooove your camera