torsdag 23. juni 2011


The days are gettin warmer and people are happier...

But you know for sure that it's summer in Norway when the sun doesn't go down until 10 pm, well, at least when we get the sunny days. The sun doesn't kiss me as much as I want it to. But, sunshine days I get anyways, if the house is gathered with family & friends & we do barbecues or eat ice cream & strawberries.. :) Or when my sisters & I make smoothies all the time, or do face masks. When we suddenly want to jump into the cold cOLD sea late at night.. Or when some friends are gathered to take a boat trip alongside the seaside.. When a lot of weddings are comin up ! And when we never get ourselves in bed cause hey', its summer after all :)

1 kommentar:

  1. digger dette, får meg til å like sommeren i Norge likevel, og ikke klage over at jeg legger meg sent, haha.