tirsdag 7. juni 2011


Some call it luck, other would say; it was just right for you to happen, or; you may just be in a great season of your life right now.

But, to be honest. I've got NO luck. Second of all, life doesn't prove itself perfect, not now - NEVER. and I certainly aint the person who get things easily. Usually I work hard if I need something or want something. Thats why I find it a bit confusing when I actually GET INTO the dance school I applied for. AND get a nice apartment which I might share with my best friend ( we'll see how that goes :p) Plus a job for the summer..

I'm really speechless cause this aint normal - for me at least.

I came to think why these last few months have been SO blessed & SO different & I realized it's because I made a choice - To Trust God. & what a blessing it is to trust a certain God in this uncertain world.

".. But he who trusts in the Lord will prosper. " prov 28, 25

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