søndag 6. mars 2011


Yup, the numbers are shining... 20 años! Me getting to celebrate in NYC is a biiig smilefjes. I don't just get to be in the biig city, I get to celebrate with amazing people... I've already celebrated with my dance friends as we went for dinner & dessert at MAX BRENNER. Then I got the opportunity to do karaoke with Erika, Annie & Louis, which was hilarious. More celebration is coming up this week with more amazing people. I like to fulfill this great idea one of the girls on my floor told me..

Her- "Ooh is your birthday this monday, congratulations! "
me- "Thanks! But it's still some more days to go...."
Her- "NO! It's the whole month!"

"p-p-p-party everyday".......:)

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