onsdag 3. august 2011


I've tasted the POWER of Gods love that dwells in his house. I've tasted the CHANGE that He causes when I give him all of my attention & choose to serve Him in His house. I'v tasted the FREEDOM that comes with the presence of His Spirit in His House. I've tasted the BLESSING it is to dwell in His house. I've SEEN the glory of Him in His house.

When we choose to dwell and grow in the house of God - we might also experience that within the relationships between the people that makes His family, sometimes difficult stuff will come up & threaten this house, trying to tear it down to the ground. Sometimes people are left with a broken heart & sometimes they are never the same.

What comes as a second thought is this..

If a heart for God's house so deeply passionate and strong and true can break - shows that Gods heart has affected ours and made it burn for what He's passionate about. God is The Same & His church will always pound strongly on his heart, even though people may fail.

Why start live on account of failures, when God can use our hearts to be a change. To be part of what He's been most passionate about during all times - that is a privilege.

Church is not a building. Church is people.

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