tirsdag 23. august 2011

A place like this

My mom loves interior. One of my sisters loves interior. My other sister is married & has got a cute little apartment, and now I've moved once again to a new apartment to settle for a few years while I go to school. My previous apartments & rooms have been OK, so now I've put myself into a challenge. I'm gonna make my apartment as nice as possible, but I gotta say I feel a bit of a pressure if I ever am gonna make measure up with these girls in my family. well well. Here is a lil taste of whats gonna become a demanding, but fun, project. :)

Me & my best friend Debbie enjoy what we get of sun in a rather rainy place

a NYC coffee cup & norwegian chocolate is enough to make my day. :)

Flower garden

a cup of tea and a cute elephant, a perfect gift from Rita. Thanks ! :)



Teddy bears, one for me & one for you :)

who am I if I can't make space for a Cinderella shoe in my shelf ...

words of Truth.

& words of Hope.

a collection of cups, each one shares a story.. :)

living room .


Home - live together in harmony

7 kommentarer:

  1. Åå, så fint! Likte spesielt den dukka i bokhylla! Den var awesome.

  2. Hei! titta innom ;) ser utrule fint ut! E fæ kåmmå innum ein dag ;)

  3. Dokke har det så utrolig koselig. Eg vil komma masse på besøk

  4. Sååå koselig Marielle & Debbie! Dere har jo fått det skikkelig fint! Flinke jenter!!!


  5. aw, TAKK jenter, you're always welcome :)

  6. tusta mi, du trenger ikke føle noe som helst press..du er så flink til å gjøre det koselig!! og bare du er der, er det godt å være der, ikke pga interiøret... wiiii

  7. det var mamma som skrev det siste.. og forresten har dere fått det gørrkoselig :)