torsdag 18. august 2011


Back to school .

Back to Stavanger.

Some circumstances are familiar, some are new, some things are scary, some things are exciting . Some things are found challenging, some things are found easier. Somewhat, these things define my new every day life, in a way they make me grow as I face new experiences, but as I'm getting ready to throw my bag over my shoulders and go back to the school bench, well, more the dance studio, there are other stuff that fills my mind.

In two weeks now I've prepared myself to start school again. I've been dancing at school, done a summer course in modern, contemporary, hip hop & jazz, I've gotten to know my new classmates, & I'm settling in my new place that are found at top of a hill with a beautiful & breathtaking view towards the sea & some of Norway's most majestic mountains that are framing the city I now live in.

Each day as I've gone to school I've taken the time to really accept & appreciate the fact that I got into this school of dance. You know when some things happen & they seem to good to be true, most likely it takes some time to realize that they are reality and not a dream. For me this was a dream & now its reality. I'm gonna get to be a dancer, not just for now, also as a future occupation.

ANyways, even if these things seem to good to be true & I found em unbelievable, I'm found in such an abundant peace.

The last few months, well year especially, I've learned & I'm still learning that I got to put my trust in God. Trust. Not fight. not try to be best & fix my own way. Not make a back up plan in case God is wrong. no ...

Just trust.

' Cause You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. isaiah 26, 3

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