mandag 5. september 2011


Intro Sisterhood gave an extraordinary girls night out to my friends & I at High Heels Party, allowing us to find our finest pair of high heels, let us walk the red carpet & let us be photographed at the entrance. They made us Tapas & chocolate dessert, gathering us for worship & fellowship. But as much as this night was fun, it also made us aware of the reality that so many ppl and girls are living in, caused by human trafficking. It is todays fastest growing crime with 27 million slaves, 80 % of them bein woman and children. I'm grateful to know about these facts because a lot of people aren't. We need to be aware of the injustice that defines this world, but we also need to talk out loud, & be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

Four pair of high heels

Four girls


cause the moment we entered the the red carpet we felt like Princesses

red lipstick

pink hearts

love livin'

more red...

tons of girls '

' pleased to show our high heels...

Pumped to make a difference .

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