torsdag 29. september 2011


Sometimes during life we need to sit down & appreciate what we've got. We need to remember how to be grateful for small things as well as bigger things.. At times we smile for a reason, sometimes we dont.. but a smile comes from a deeper joy that is within us, & if we forget about what brings us joy we also throw away something too precious to loose. .. Yesss. That is your smile :)

These are some things that help me be a SMILEfjes :)

- Jesus loves me much more than I can ever fathom

- my family & friends are visiting me a lot

- I get new and awesome friends at school

- my dance teachers want to help me become a greater dancer

- my roomie is too lovely <3 !

- gossip girl nights is on <3 !

- as well is desperate housewives

- I get enough scholarship to cover rent & food

- I get to see amazzzing dance performances

- time goes by so fast ( I'm just SOOoo excited for christmas )

- I slowly learn how to become a good cook

- my apartment is pretty NiCe ;)

- I get to dance DANCE DAnce

2 kommentarer:

  1. Enig med Renate!
    Glad på dine vegner :)