mandag 26. september 2011


The world we live in has many desperate hearts...

Sometimes when we feel our desperation through our skin we find ways of expressing ourselves. Some stay quiet & let their deep hurt, or cry or desperation only be visible to themselves by hurting their own body, with marks from scissors, knives, and some choose starving, so on.. Others shout & yell and push everyone away from themselves. Some cry more. Some loose the ability of being engaged in their every day life

Our hearts are easily affected of what we feel, and hear and see. Rather than believe in what God says about us & our lives.

His word is our manual for life. His word is full of light. full of wisdom. & life. Just so that we can live extraordinary lives because He loves us, & then it gets so much easier to love ourselves, & the life He has given us.... as well as love others & be aware of the desperation people live in... As well as love God back . :)

I'm desperate to see God do major differences in a world that is full of heartaches, emptiness and hopelessness. as well as in my life.. and with my life.

What can we do to make a difference ?

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