torsdag 25. august 2011

Takk Gud .

I realized that its been one year since I travelled to New York City & as I read a page in my Diary that reveals some of my thoughts & feelings from this day I couldn't help but share a lil excerpt.

" GOING TO NEW YORK CITY ! 25.08.2010

So... This is the day.. Today is the day...

What an awesome summer this has been. In so many ways God has shown me his love, again & again. So many times He has made me speechless, cause He takes my breath away. So many times I've been filled with His overwhelming joy that makes my heart smile biiig..... I'm grateful for all those small details that have crowned this summer with sparkling joy. I'm grateful that God puts dreams into my heart. Now is a new beginning, starting with 7 months in NYC, No matter what this year will bring I know I'm not alone, because God is my shepherd & He will carry all of my burdens. Everyday I'll have to rely on Him & make Him my trust. Everyday, in every situation, in every prayer. Soooo. As I put my trust in God I will say with perfect confidence that this year will turn out as the best year ever. Because the best is yet to come ! Takk Gud.

This note brings me back to an adventure that started with Maria, Ruth Elise & me meeting at the airport in Oslo. I suddenly remember fixing my VISA, paying my tickets.. I remember the flight; first to Kristiansand, then Oslo & then NYC. I can see our faces, expressing excitement, joy, anxiousness.. I remember we arriving the city, & then our dorm. I remember we go out to find something to eat, cause we were starving, but then we were soo lost & 90 min later we had walked our way from upper east side to Time Square.... OBS. Not city girls the first day no... I also cannot forget our first bite of Cosi's pizza that became our favorite pizza during our stay. :) ! I remember the awful beds that didn't give us any sleep & we had to go to IKEA in Brooklyn and find new ones.. I remember the incredible hot days of august & september, all the sweating & our sore feet from walking all day long. I feel the joy as we went to Empire State Building & the breathtaking view... yeah, I could bring up a LOT more. BUT then again what I feel the most, is gratefulness to my God, for His goodness & faithfulness .


tirsdag 23. august 2011

A place like this

My mom loves interior. One of my sisters loves interior. My other sister is married & has got a cute little apartment, and now I've moved once again to a new apartment to settle for a few years while I go to school. My previous apartments & rooms have been OK, so now I've put myself into a challenge. I'm gonna make my apartment as nice as possible, but I gotta say I feel a bit of a pressure if I ever am gonna make measure up with these girls in my family. well well. Here is a lil taste of whats gonna become a demanding, but fun, project. :)

Me & my best friend Debbie enjoy what we get of sun in a rather rainy place

a NYC coffee cup & norwegian chocolate is enough to make my day. :)

Flower garden

a cup of tea and a cute elephant, a perfect gift from Rita. Thanks ! :)



Teddy bears, one for me & one for you :)

who am I if I can't make space for a Cinderella shoe in my shelf ...

words of Truth.

& words of Hope.

a collection of cups, each one shares a story.. :)

living room .


Home - live together in harmony

torsdag 18. august 2011


Back to school .

Back to Stavanger.

Some circumstances are familiar, some are new, some things are scary, some things are exciting . Some things are found challenging, some things are found easier. Somewhat, these things define my new every day life, in a way they make me grow as I face new experiences, but as I'm getting ready to throw my bag over my shoulders and go back to the school bench, well, more the dance studio, there are other stuff that fills my mind.

In two weeks now I've prepared myself to start school again. I've been dancing at school, done a summer course in modern, contemporary, hip hop & jazz, I've gotten to know my new classmates, & I'm settling in my new place that are found at top of a hill with a beautiful & breathtaking view towards the sea & some of Norway's most majestic mountains that are framing the city I now live in.

Each day as I've gone to school I've taken the time to really accept & appreciate the fact that I got into this school of dance. You know when some things happen & they seem to good to be true, most likely it takes some time to realize that they are reality and not a dream. For me this was a dream & now its reality. I'm gonna get to be a dancer, not just for now, also as a future occupation.

ANyways, even if these things seem to good to be true & I found em unbelievable, I'm found in such an abundant peace.

The last few months, well year especially, I've learned & I'm still learning that I got to put my trust in God. Trust. Not fight. not try to be best & fix my own way. Not make a back up plan in case God is wrong. no ...

Just trust.

' Cause You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. isaiah 26, 3

fredag 12. august 2011


Once upon a time there was a girl who dreamed big.

She saw something in the future she wanted to pursue, a picture, an imagination of bein part of the big plans to her savior. This dream was something she had to keep in heart. & most important she had to choose whether to obey what was sowed inside of her, or throw it away.

Until this day - she held on to the voice that kept pushing her forward, the voice of truth. Through unbearable storms she clinged to the Hand that had made her and formed her. During tough times she also realized - even though she fell, she fell in the hands of her Creator - and this deep joy she couldn't really explain was a constant reminder of the purpose she was made for.

"There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off."

tirsdag 9. august 2011


Home is where your heart is.

I'm lucky to have spent my summer at home. Its tough to leave family & friends behind again & again, as I've done the last four years. Its funny though how these summer days at home are changing me, challenging me & preparing me for whats next. I've got time to rest & have fun & spend time with family, friends & God. Glimpse from some of my best summer moments !

onsdag 3. august 2011


I've tasted the POWER of Gods love that dwells in his house. I've tasted the CHANGE that He causes when I give him all of my attention & choose to serve Him in His house. I'v tasted the FREEDOM that comes with the presence of His Spirit in His House. I've tasted the BLESSING it is to dwell in His house. I've SEEN the glory of Him in His house.

When we choose to dwell and grow in the house of God - we might also experience that within the relationships between the people that makes His family, sometimes difficult stuff will come up & threaten this house, trying to tear it down to the ground. Sometimes people are left with a broken heart & sometimes they are never the same.

What comes as a second thought is this..

If a heart for God's house so deeply passionate and strong and true can break - shows that Gods heart has affected ours and made it burn for what He's passionate about. God is The Same & His church will always pound strongly on his heart, even though people may fail.

Why start live on account of failures, when God can use our hearts to be a change. To be part of what He's been most passionate about during all times - that is a privilege.

Church is not a building. Church is people.

mandag 1. august 2011


Four different girls. Four different stories. One summer tradition.

A trip to our neighbor country & the land where 50 % of my blood comes from. Sweden. A trip where we're allowed to break every rule about being an adult. We can finally let out our hair. We buy loads of candy. We relax. We enjoy. We laugh. We grow. We are girls. We are best friends. We talk to each other hearts. We remember who we are & who we are supposed to be. .


The Girl with the most contagious laughter

The thinking Girl that understands what you are goin through

The Girl who always looks at the bright side

The Flirting girl with the prettiest smile

All of us happy & pleased & ready to make some new memories in Liseberg, an awesome amusement park :)

Flum Ride

I won the prize

She usually wins the teddy bears

She usually smiles

This is one of our favorite attractions

This one as well

my Grandma's farm

So blessed to have these girls as my best friends. So grateful that we share the One desire to be a change in this world & The desire to love Jesus.