mandag 4. april 2011


" Be strong & take heart all you who hope in the Lord " psalm 31, 24

God is so faithful & He works in a way I'll never understand. He opens & closes doors so I can walk the way that He has for me, and delights in. Who knew I would end up in NYC ? I was, after all, so sure I would be going to Australira. NO! Was it London. No... Australia.. or maybe rather Stockholm? LOLolol. I prayed that God would teach me this particular year, more about who He is, and that I would get the opportunity to use my time to build friendships and to dance to get a new joy for dance.

I’m now amazed that I’ve been blessed with an AMAZING church... that I’ve got friends for a lifetime, GOOD friends, and that I’m in love with dance more than ever before.

My last hours in NYC couldn’t get more enjoyable. I spent some sunny hours with my best friends doing what I love the most, coffee & cookie, hang out & laugh, talk & just having a BLAST.

Not to mention that my amazing friends spent their saturday night following me all the way to newark airport...:) <3

Annie & me in Central Park

.. eating The Most Delicious cookie

with a cup of coffee

Gathering my favorite friends at Starbucks

to create some last few memories just here

my bags are ready to leave.... I'm not quiet there.

Three bags. Three boys.. and one lucky princess :)

Marielle, don't EVER forget me. I'm serious

hey, we're your friends too!


I don't wanna leave you my princess ...

Hanging out with you is just TOO much FUN

like... I can just be myself

I don't even have to do anything and I stILL have a blast with you

It's true. We've become & we'll always be, friends forever

THIS kid is something else...

He says I always put him in the danger zone ...

So it seems He's rather happy I'm leaving

my friend Aldo just wanted to get some attention too :p

So here we are... on our way to this wrong place

& why not do some poses when we have our pro photographer Louis to take pictures of us ladies :)

You can do one more smile....

" Pennies from heaven " Use this saving to get yourself back to me & NYC <3 ! BEST gift ever from beautiful Erika !

I can't tell if He's mad at me for eating his chips or that I'm leaving.. lolol

But he'll miss me :p

& I guess the airport can be a fun place after all...:)

Lost moment....



and then she had to turn around & face reality


That made her look like this

Second layover 12 hours later ....

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