mandag 11. april 2011


I went for a walk after putting my make up on , fixing my hair and dressing up in brand new clothes.... After a few minutes I was hit by a terrible thought.

I didn’t get any attention!

NO one stopped and looked at me to comment;

I LOVE your shoes, your jeans. I...just love everything! I didn’t hear... beautiful eyes! NO one went by saying, GoRGEOUS or PRETTY girl or Ouuuu...

So I thought, If I just walk some more there will definitely be someone that will give me at least a little bit of attention, maybe just ONE compliment...

& I walked....and walked ..

... and in the end I just had to realize that norwegian boys wasn't quite aware of how this worked, how to treat us girls. Us princesses. I wanted to give them one more shot, but after one week without ANY boys opening the door for me, pulling out the chair for me or helping me out when I have to much in my hands I came to realize.....

EVEN a princess has to face some challenges

7 kommentarer:

  1. lolol...
    AGREE! They should appreciate us some more :)

  2. Lol. Yup. Welcome to Norway ;P

  3. If I could, I would've liked your comments Renate :p

  4. Anonym...: Who are you?

    Yea, my comments rule. I know;)

  5. Det er Si-Jane :D Tihi ^^
    Eg har kje blogg...derfor ingen navn... :p

  6. Hehe ååja :) I see ;)

    Du skrev liksom ingen navn på kommentaren under :p