lørdag 16. april 2011


A girl who struggles. We don't even have to ask what the problem is do we? We’d sense the core of it pretty much right away. It IS more or less issues like beauty & boys, dreams, the longing of experience exciting adventures, the hope of making a difference, the hope of being a girl who matters.

Every morning we wake up in hope of a good hair day, and hopefully we won’t use hours to find clothes we’ll feel comfortable in. But HEY, the hair IS a mess. & the clothes we planned on wearing doesn’t feel right anymore. Our best friend compliments the pair of jeans we just bought, but those words could pretty much be said to a total different person, thats how distant those words feels to us.

And thats when we start thinking.. If I was beautiful.. If I just was different than ME. If I just could mean something special for someone. If I just was enough. Or less...

Captivating” a must-read-book-if-you-are-a-girl by John & Stasi Eldredge puts it beautifully this way;

When God created this world He finished His masterpiece with Eve, a WOMAN. Woman is the crown of the creation & she bears an image of God in a way only the feminine can speak. God is relational to the core, that he has a heart for romance, he longs to share adventure with us, adventures you cannot accomplish without him, a beauty to unveil, a beauty that is captivating and powerfully redemptive.

BUT who am I to feel beautiful? Who am I to be worthy a love unfailing and true? These thoughts are girls daily challenges.

OUR hearts DO matter more than anything & the desires and dreams that we are trying to make a whisper, they speak about the life God created us to live. & if we believe what God says about us, that we ARE enough. We don’t have to be less. & we DO have a BEAUTY to unveil.. Will not that put an end to a bunch of unnecessary hours of sorrows, sadness & hopelessness, and rather fill us with a confidence that who we are NONE but me can be. Will not this truth change us inside out & set us free to be the girls that God called us to be :) ?

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