tirsdag 4. januar 2011



-Back to school; last term of high school
-Starting the year with ice skating at the lake in Sandnes, Stokki, with my classmates & teachers :) !


-Trip to London with the soon graduated students at Lundehaugen
-Amazing experiences in the city; Billy Elliot the musical, The Ballet Romeo & Juliet, dancing at pineapple studios:)
-not to forget taking my first audition at Laban!


-Girls night in my wonderful & unforgettable green apartment as I'm turning 19 years old.


-My sisters wedding, two crazy but wonderful people becoming Mr & mrs Frost
-The school project Brooklyn Boogie in Sandnes, performing 'Lollipop', a choreographed piece by Therese Anfindsen, Maria Selvikvaag Molvik, Kristine Bore & Linnea Marielle Nyberg.


-Our final dance performance "Det var det" in Sandnes Kulturhus.


-Graduated student 2010 !
-Spontaneous trip to Turkey with Mralen & Therese <3 !


-My best friend visiting for two weeks


-Arriving NYC, ready to change the city & be changed by the city !


-settling in the city
-gettin to know the city
-Barbecue the american way
-making Brownies 1am in our pot. (it's the student's way, we use what we have;))
-seeing "Vollmond", an amazing dance piece by Pina Baush!
-Dumbo Dance Festival at John Ryan Theatre in Brooklyn with Ine & maria :)


-more barbecue. This time in New Jersey with some people from TSC:)
-Top of the Rock
-Matthew Bourne's "Swanlake" ! :)


-Baby-sitting :)
-Getting porridge and waffles at the Norwegian Seamen's church
-Grandma & Aunt visiting, which means free food a whole week. Such a blessing :)
-Celebrating Thanksgiving with Maria, mommo & tante at Porter House
-Macys Thanksgiving Parade


-Marlén & Brit-Silje visiting us in the city :) !
-Si-Jane suddenly decides to visit us in the city :) !
-"The Nutcracker"
-Burlesque, the movie
-A one day trip to Washington D.C
-Renates Utdrikningslag :) !
-Making Christmas cookies with mi familia
-Christmas <3
-going to Sandnes, to meet my classmates again

I spent my last day of 2010 with the most beautiful girls, Marlén, Maria, Camilla, Tine & Si-jane. A year is at its end, but I'm meeting the new year with expectations of new adventures. My heart is filled with gratitude by Gods faithfulness & all the blessings He surrounds me with. I know that the best is yet to come, I know that He never leaves. He walks by my side & He will always lead.

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