fredag 21. januar 2011

Dance Update !

So, I’ve really danced myself weary these two last week. The fact that I didn’t get to city befor 10th of january made me do all my classes in a shorter period of time than I’m used to have. I start gettin in shape again though. Our school is full of scandinavians now, and its fun to be able to speak my own language sometimes. As we started off a new year, new students also arrived from Sweden & Norway. I took this one class where the teacher divided us into groups of nationality. He wanted all the scandinavians to be one group. What happend next was that only a few people were left at the sides & it made everybody laugh. So we are definitely not a minority, not at DNA. I took the same class a couple of days later. This class I happend to dance with SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE winner NICK from season 1. I can say that his technique was pretty perfect & He looked good, & I enjoyed the experience even though in this case I felt like an ant compared with a star. ☺ Saturday I’ll be able to watch an open class of the New York City Ballet dancers at Lincoln Center, thanks to Sonja & Julia that gave me this extra ticket they had.

As for now I’m taking my skates on & I’ll be dancin on the ice with my beautiful friend Erica. ☺

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