fredag 24. desember 2010

Wrapped up in Grace

Wakin up with the beautiful feelin of a new day
Knowing that whatever happends, it is your loving & righteous way.
Somehow this knowledge fills me with an overwhelming peace
Its my pride that melts away as your joy comes to my release.

Walkin in perfect confidence as you lift up my head
The change in my heart is a result of those word that you said.
Its somethin powerful about your mighty hand that leads me forth
Bein your princess makes me realise that you’ve given me an unlimited worth.

Waiting in expectation to see more of your glory
I want it to be the start, the message and the end of my story.
The fathers heart is big enough to love all that He has made
There can never be a greater sacrifice than the price of our sin, that His son already paid.

- the Princess -

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