torsdag 23. desember 2010

I'ts the day before christmas & I find myself looking out at the dancin snow.. I'm dreaming. and smiling:) Most kids are already under their blankets, incredible excited for the days ahead; CHRISTMAS is finally here :D I'm that kind of person that jumps up & down by this christmas excitement. It's something about the suddenly interest of this season, the story, and the love that binds families & friends together again. I've always loved how christmas gets so special because it just happens once a year, though I always start bein excited about it mostly in october; when the christmas candy gets into the stores... I also love how christmas is called the giving season. I know how fun it is to receive a gift, but I love even more the excitement & smiles that shows up when I give gifts to others. Especially when I know that they get exactly what they wished the most. Thats why I cannot stop smiling when I think about how happy my Heavenly Father is because I've received His most Precious gift; Jesus.. This gift that christmas is really all about.

It's time to unwrap it for you who hasn't.. :)

I wish yah all a blessed & wonderful christmas <3

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