lørdag 11. september 2010

Una semana interesante

So this last week has really been .. ehm. interesting. It started out perfectly. Louis brought Maria, me & Elliot to Manhatten Beach where some of his friends had this american barbecue party, which means food, and I'm not talkin one burger, this is a barbecue that starts at 11 am and last all the day. In other words. Food all day. Great for two norwegian girls that have spent to much money on shopping and really need to learn how to live cheaper in this city. Soo Barbecue, licking sun, frisbee and volley ball . Yep, that was an awesome start of this week.

Well.. Then something weird happens. Our precious milk starts to get more and more empty without us drinking it.

First morning.
- Marielle I think someone have had some of our milk..
- Ok ... hm, I wonder who takes our milk and drink it just like that ... ( thinking; they probably just needed some of it when they cooked something. )

Second morning.
- Marielle, didn't we have enough milk for two days yesterday ?
- Yeah, we talked about that.
- Well, we need to buy new milk today...

Third morning.
-Maria, where are our cereal bowls that we need for breakfast ?
-What do you mean ? Are they not in your kitchen ?
- We probably left them at your floor, we had noodles the other day.
-Ok, I'll go down and find them.

... 2 min later ...

- Marielle, we left them at your kitchen remember, we always have breakfast here..

Cereal bowls & spoons gone .

- Maria, how much milk did we exactly have this morning ?
( Big, shocked eyes looks up at me )
- well, we had milk for at least one more day.
- well, I threw what was left. There was nothing left.

Maria : I know what we do ! We mark how much milk we have left and see if it still disappears.
Me : Great idea, give me the pen

..... Next day & next thing we know. Less milk and cereal in our NY princess cups ....

- Maria, We're moving down to YOUR kitchen, now.

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