søndag 26. september 2010

How a perfect weekend in NYC is like

After staying in NYC for a month now, we start enjoying this life more and more... No days are the same. All days are exciting. Some days are miss-home days. Some days are exhausting days. Some days are life changing. Some days are hilarious. Some days we will never forget. Some days are filled with more love. Some days are simply joy. But everyday God is the same. And everyday He is the one we need most.

This weekend is one of the weekends were everything has been amazing & perfect. Started out friday night with hours of dancing at Webster Hall, a four floors dance club. Oooo Giiirls just wanna have fun & we did ! We had the most fun of everybody in the club, we new it & they knew it :-) Saturday we spent a beautiful day in Central Park and got to know the park better. We also met Ine, one of our norwegian dance friends from our school as we went to Brooklyn to see a free dance performance because of a dance festival this weekend. Ended it with long nice girl talks at one of the bars in the beautiful area Dumbo right in the middle og Brooklyn Bridge & Manhatten Bridge.

Filled with dancer attitude & love for dance.

A calm sunday with many skype dates & Hillsong Church.. Thats how a perfect weekend is ended :)

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