fredag 17. september 2010

Our new daily life

I slowly start realizing that my new home is here. New York City. I'm not really sure how it all happened, me here in NYC with Maria, but I know for sure that this decision was influenced by what God has put in my heart, and I know that this new home is exactly where I'm supposed to be for the next few months. The days Maria & I are living now is so very different from what we're used to. Especially the fact that we have time. Time to do what we love. Dance. Time to eat lunch in the park. Time to walk in the streets and just feel the city life. Time to make unforgettable memories. Time to watch gossip girl. Time to sleep. Time to eat.. and eat again. Time to live life. Time to learn about life. Time to make friendships. Time to get to know people. Time to get closer not only to people, but time to be with God. Get closer to God. The fact that we actually have time have also been difficult to accept. But to have time is oh sooo wonderful. & it's really time for us to have some time. :)

This is how one of our normal days looks like now;

Cereal in our NYC princess cups .

6 train to Brooklyn Bridge, City hall, to take our dance classes at DNA.

Lunch at our favorite place, Pick a bagel .

Or at this place. Just as the american, runnin on dunkin .

Preparing ourselves for girls night, gossip girl & candy.

our precious precious candy.

or brownies ... we're dancers, we are creative.

Walking through the squirrel park

just to see our our new best friend

or meet one of this city's talented artists.

Shopping in our neighborhood

Then .. after a long and exhausting but incredible fun day, we use our cooking skills, and volá... dinner is ready !

To end the day sitting at the window sill in my new pink room, looking down at the street from 9th floor. Listening to music, worship God, read my bible & write in my diary.. Thats mmm, also pretty sweet.

- NYC Princess

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  1. Du får meg til å savne det litt søta. Tenker på deg!