mandag 28. februar 2011


Congrats to me who just finished my 6 months International Student Visa Program at DNA...:) Celebration at Pink Berry with Annie.. thihiii :) !

Who knew 6 months could pass this fast and at the same time feel like a lifetime? Well, I've now got one month left in the city to prepare myself for whatever is next to come. This is coming up in March; birthday party for the girl that turns ((20 ?!? )) , Knicks game, VISA voices performance, mum & dad visiting, more mocha coffees, more chocolate, more dance, more church, and the blessing to spend time with beautiful friends. Smilefjes

lørdag 26. februar 2011


Sometimes life happens.

Sometimes you can’t avoid get beaten down. Maybe it feels like our circumstances seems to overcome ourselves, as we’re drowning in our own emotions, or questions, or trouble, or fight.

Many of you know what I’m talkin about.

I happend to have some time alone with God, just outside my favorite coffehouse. As I sat at this bench in the dark, with my mocha coffee in my hands, nobody but God knew the cry that came from my heart. I questioned Him some of the things He has put in my heart, out of frustration & doubting thoughts.

His voice was very soft, but it felt very sharp to my heart as He whispered.

Kid, why are you doubting me? You doubt my greatness. You doubt that I can show you the way that I have for you. You are doubting that I can give you what you need whatever circumstances you are in, however crappy or confused of frusrated you may feel. I’m not depending on you or people, I just want your heart to be upright & humbled so I can be glorified in your life. Because I’m your God, The creator of all things, the one who saves, the Father to the fatherless & your Shepherd.

There are & there will be times when we are lost, sometimes we fall, sometimes we can’t even move. But we’re not there alone. Because God holds our hand & His hand is strong, safe & secure.

Though He stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds Him with his hand.” psalm 37,24


This week I've been able to hang out with Elise, my norwegian classmate for three years & her friends Ingrid & Ingvild. So much fun! She even bought me melkesjokolade & knekkebrød...:) In between my busy dance schedule I've also had some time to walk in Central Park, listening to musica, singin around, listening to Hillsong Sisterhood podcasts. Trying the citys best cookie, & coffe & hot chocolate. Bowling with friends at Chelsea Piers a 'get together' happening in Church, The Gate, shopping. Here are some of the moments I couldn't bear to slip away!

" The next & last stop is Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall "

My everyday view as I go to school.

Sunset view in Central Park


Girls. We can do this. Get all your stuff in my locker so do don't need to pay!

Almost there.... four hands, this can work....


Ice skating in Bryant Park

& Hot chocolate after

Eating porridge in the norwegian sea mens church

STORT smilefjes

tirsdag 22. februar 2011



Am I doin good
or am I really a mess.
Is it possible to be happy
in the middle of this stress?

Am I smiling for real
or do I pretend.
In this world
it seems to be a common trend.

Am I strong
or am I in the midst of weakness.
I can't tell
which one is more or less.

Am I able to love
or do I hide myself behind walls.
Can I really hear when people
from a distant calls?

Am I shining
or do I dress up in dark.
I know that hope
also brings a spark.

Am I reaching
or do I forget.
Is there something
I didn't quite get?

Am I safe
or am I still insecure.
I AM found by You,
that I know for SURE.

torsdag 17. februar 2011


When there's nothing more to say

cause words can't fill this hole.

The silence of a broken heart

may turn out as a brand new start.

If you're out there missing a joy

it's something that keep your eyes look down.

Know that truth is stronger than feelings

and Power is able to keep you from drown.

Shining through your tears

I can see a small lit of hope.

It's not a question about dearing

what matters is to cut this rope.

Trying, failing, fighting

dreams become a faded love

But what Love really is

is a sacrifice that goes beyond all this.

Group 1 Crew Let's Go featuring TobyMac Outta Space Love Album


The future whats we make it so let's go

tirsdag 15. februar 2011


Rap concert at the subway 3am a saturday morning

Starbucks coffeee

in line for church !

Union Square



Grattis med 20 års dagen Debbi !


Best Valentine ever with best date ever.

" My funny Valentine
Sweet Comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you are my favorite work of art
. "

onsdag 9. februar 2011

SKYPE fun !

I thank God for skype. It's such a wonderful thing, and a blessing to have when you leave a wonderful family & beautiful friends behind, across the pond. or elsewhere.

Highlights !

Did anyone say smile to the camera?

well.. sometimes you do have to capture a moment don't you. & these faces makes me so happy :)