lørdag 26. februar 2011


This week I've been able to hang out with Elise, my norwegian classmate for three years & her friends Ingrid & Ingvild. So much fun! She even bought me melkesjokolade & knekkebrød...:) In between my busy dance schedule I've also had some time to walk in Central Park, listening to musica, singin around, listening to Hillsong Sisterhood podcasts. Trying the citys best cookie, & coffe & hot chocolate. Bowling with friends at Chelsea Piers a 'get together' happening in Church, The Gate, shopping. Here are some of the moments I couldn't bear to slip away!

" The next & last stop is Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall "

My everyday view as I go to school.

Sunset view in Central Park


Girls. We can do this. Get all your stuff in my locker so do don't need to pay!

Almost there.... four hands, this can work....


Ice skating in Bryant Park

& Hot chocolate after

Eating porridge in the norwegian sea mens church

STORT smilefjes

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