tirsdag 8. februar 2011

the girl at Upper East Side

It's still a cold breeze in NYC that tells me winter time isn't over yet. The last days have been sunny though but spring won't be here just yet. That makes people smile though. They, we, have something to look forward to. I'm loving my life. I'm blessed to have wonderful friends in the city, at school, church..:) I'm spending most of my week at school dancing & doing rehearsals for VISA voices performance that will be performed in march. It's a fun & interesting experience to be part of a performance in this city. love it! Mum & Dad will visit me in march as well. Yaaay :) !

new update on my love list :

- DNA, my school

- Walking n my neighborhood

- Going for a walk in Central Park

- Ice skating with Erica

- Gossip girl & Glee & American Idol

- Hanging out with my friends from DNA, church:)

- Chatting with the girls at my floor

- Hillsong Church

- Worshipping

- Reading on my bed

- Hot chocolate

- Mocha coffee at Crumpys ( best in the city ! )

- Meeting new people

- Spice with Annie

- Pinkberry

- Going to the movies

- Superbowl

- See the city from a Brooklyn view

- Starbucks coffee

This is far from a complete list, but it shows somewhat how my life looks like now... & it's all NYC love <3

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