lørdag 19. november 2011


One of life's greatest blessings is to have good friends around, a friend who loves you, even in times you don't manage to be a good friend yourself, is a priceless treasure..:)

Though I’m not good at keepin in touch

You always meet me with arms open wide.

Though I wish I had more to give,

You’ve promised that you’ll never leave my side.

Though I sometimes keep my heart shut,

You never forget the right key.

Though I pretend to manage it all,

You know how to look right through me.

Though I stumble into the wrong path

You guide me back by your very own hand.

Though I forget what life is all about,

You remind me of those Footprints in the sand.

Though I’m gettin colder than I intend

Your eyes shines with more warmth than the sun

Though I’m searching for safety & strenght

You remind me that there is no need to run.

Though I want to reach my goals

You show me how to focuse right

Though I sometimes loose it all

You never loose me out of your sight.

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