onsdag 9. november 2011


M : hey Debbie... is it normal to laugh till your stomach hurts like very day ???
D: well, I dunno.. But I dont think its normal to laugh yourself to sleep - OR laugh so much that you gotta stop eat during dinner... Like we do
M: oh..
D: Is it normal to crave chocolate every day though ??
M: duuu - we're girls
D: Right - so its like - we're kinda allowed to have some every day ??
M: of course !!! As long as you have it with a cup of coffee :)


M: what music will we listen too ??
D: I feel like Jessie J & David guetta
M YESS!! Lets danceeeeee

.....seconds later......

M: I hope no one is watching us right now
D: LOL, well at least I have your wedding speech ready
M: OOooppss
D: I guess we just have to face it... none of us know how to act normal
M: you're right.... I AM just SO happy :) Are you happy ???
D: Never been happier :-D !!!!

- Blessedfjes -

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