torsdag 6. oktober 2011

Stavanger Updates -

A glimpse of my every day life ..

So.. I'm back to the southwest coast in Norway, this time Stavanger. A beautiful & charming town it is, except that it is raining - pretty much ALL the time. High Fashion this fall is therefore pink boots & raincoat ... ;) Thats the NICE outfit. Otherwise I pretty much walk around in sweaty dance clothes that matches a messy hair. Every friday is a high light because I can finally dress up and look a lil bit nicer than I do during classes.

During a pretty busy week I also get some company from my beautiful roomie & best friend, Debbie. We've already shared endless talks, laugh bursts, secrets.. and at the top of it, we've become addicted to the TV series desperate housewives that we watch occasionally. :p

I love having my friends over for dinner or coffeee, and take a well deserved break, & put some quality moments into a busy, stressed, frustrated bad OR good & calm day. Friends help us get back on track & they often remind us whats important in life.. Friends help us be be crazy, be kind, friends make us smile and they are a true blessing that is worth treasure - & that I'm so grateful to have.

coming up ! School break & a trip to mi familia - iiiiiiiih <3


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