torsdag 20. oktober 2011


last weekend I got to spend some time with my Sister & her husband & we had quiet some time together. The story I will share includes one of those experiences you either wanna forget completely....Or remember as funny ;)

Brad, my sisters husband, is american & He knew the way to Kjerag, one of Norway's most famous tourist attractions. you might have seen a picture of it - its a big rock captured in between two hill sides, 1110 m up, above sea level. actually He googled a map that we used to get there. the one problem was. google was wrong. that never happens ! well I though that never happened ! Google was wrong, & I guess I was too..

after a 1, 5 hour drive & a ferry trip we passed a sign saying " travel at your on own risk ". OK...

of course we continued driving up this road, so narrow only the tiniest car could fit, luckily our car did. & then we ended up at the very top of a little mountain.. there were a field, a tractor, a river with some fish in it, some cows & countless sheep .. sheep that enjoyed goin before our car to lead the way. .. not exactly what we foresaw.

Actually we didn't even get close to the real Kjerag, BUT we did find another mountain that we climbed & there, at the top, with a beautiful view to majestic mountains, we sat down & ate lunch, like real norwegian countrymen do :-) .

every day is different - you can only make it better

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