søndag 23. oktober 2011

a Cup of encouragment

- Princess time for me is as simple as this -

I sit down in my white soft couch, with a mocha coffee in my hands. I take a look out my window & I'm met by a beautiful view to the sea & those majestic mountains in the horizon. I breath. & then I smile. I thank God for lovin me when I'm not worth it. I pray that no matter how I feel He will help me be a difference in a dark & hopeless world.

Cause as a Princess - You & I sometimes need to go to our Father & King to remember why He put that crown on our head.

& the answer is always the same.

" it's because You're worth it "

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sååå oppmuntrende og lese dette Marielle!
    Just what I needed.. ;)
    Jeg bare esker bloggen din!!! (og den nye headeren btw, kuuul!)

    StooOOOooor klem til deg, min flinke bestis <3

  2. aaaaaAAW. det betyr loottsss. love you hun. <3 <3