tirsdag 13. mars 2012


Many struggles - many ways out

Is it sadness that runs my life,

can I control how to overcome this feeling?

My heart has been stricken by sharp knives,

can I somehow learn to avoid these attacks?

Should I get beaten down again & again,

can I get strong enough to stand up tall?

I am one in billions of men,

can I see myself worthy enough as The One?

Unfair is this worlds first name,

can I change this by just being myself?

Should I struggle after stardust & fame,

can I just love me as I am?

Sometimes its hard to make it through one day,

can I see everyday as a gift?

In storms its tough to know the right way,

can I keep chasing this one dream?

Its this word called LOVE,

can this word be transformed into action?

We might get help from our God above -

He is the definition of Perfection.

...But this one is about not havin' to carry it all alone.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Du skriver bare så sykt bra Marielle!
    Også så sant! Stå på..:)

    <3 Love you!