lørdag 4. februar 2012


Photographer: Sara Melissa Frost

I go into the dance studios every day & the mirror reflects the way I look.

Sometimes though we forget to look into our hearts. we forget that what we find within - has greater value than what we actually lay our eyes upon. At times its difficult to face ourselves - our inner self & our outer self, because what we find doesn't really delight us. We have bad days - yes we all have 'em. But treasured in us isn't the amount of bad days, bad experiences or our bad history - its the way we face this & choose to respond to it that really forms us to become who we are, or who we wanna be. Every human being are different from each other, we have different personality. But we share a common attribute, which is the ability of making choices, and thats where we're given the opportunity to overcome whatever life strikes us with. We are responsible for making the best out of life - whether that means to go for a walk every day, smile more, pray more or stop blaming life for being unfair - because it is. It is indeed. My responsibility is to make sure I look into my heart - your responsibility is to look into your heart. Because whether we like it or not, its really our hearts that reflects our whole being.

Than we might like to take another look into the mirror & maybe we see ourselves in a totally differnt light this time ;)

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