mandag 13. februar 2012

My SWEET Valentine

THIS girl turns 21 today !

I figured it was best to give her some extra credit today - especially because growing older is her biggest fear! That is after she is safe from cats & secure that her closet is filled with chocolate. But babe - growing older we cant control. Growing UP is your choice though, but we both know you already know that...

We've been put up with a lot of things together & we share a lot of stories, of course. Some say we act like an old couple, that is because we go so well together :p . A lot of people call us "fjortis" ! well, not so much now though - but still some do. But we call each other sisters, babes, best friends & now roomies.

But now I wanna put this girl into the light.

this girl who neeeeds to laugh an hour a day, at LEAST.

the swedish part of her that reveals through really bad jokes... or her yearly trip to the amusement park, Liseberg !

The girl who always looks good!

& is genuinely interested in people, & love to talk for hours and hours. :)

& would never manage a day without her coffee..

She is a truly beautiful Princess inside - out. & this is her day! Happy Birthday, Gratulerer med dagen, Grattis med Födelsedagen !

<3 Du skal firas !!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Si veldig mye gratulerer fra oss :)

  2. I LOVE YOU !

    Tusen takk for et nydelig innlegg <3 !