tirsdag 3. januar 2012

London baby

I was so lucky to start the new year in London, together with the loveliest girls <3 ! Despite we're so different - we always have the time of our lives when we get together. This trip was all about gettin as much fun as possible into our weekend stay; and for us girls that means shopping. more shopping. Watching a ballet; the Nutcracker. Drinking a cup of coffee while watching the busy streets of London, Havin a 3 course dinner & wine at new years. wearing high heels, although wearing a new pair of heels that are 8 inches high isn't as fun after three hours of dancing. But dancing we did, in a 8 floor danceclub, with perfect view to the beautiful fireworks in midst of London !

It is nothin but London Baby ;)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like fun!!!

    Happy new years, sweetheart <3

  2. We had lots of fun :)! Happy New Years to you too Sweety! <3

  3. Vi har lik kjole, Marielle ;)