tirsdag 5. juli 2011


- Boy 4, Biking around with a stick in his mouth.
- Me : You have to understand this is dangerous & this is a dirty stick, throw it away.

...Happening again ..

.. & again ...

- Me, stopping him third time: You gotta understand that we put food and drinks in our mouth, not dirty sticks, do you understand this ?

- Boy 4 : Yes, thank you. I appreciate your help .


Making rolls with the smallest kids

- Boy 2, putting the whole piece of dough into his mouth immediately.

Me : No, no, no. Look, can you do it this way ( showing him how to roll the piece of dough in his small hands ). You will hurt in your stomach if you eat more of this dough.

.. I sit down again, pleased, while all the kids continue to make something similar to rolls:) . Seconds later I look up and meet the very smart look to one particular boy that got his mouth filled with dough, smiling victoriously, and nothing more dough in his hands.


- Girl 5, letting out a burp while we have lunch, causing all the kids exploding & laughing their buts off, except one 4 year old boy who looks up with a serious face : But you ARE allowed to burp while you're eating if you really really REALLY have to, its not the same as when you're joking, cause if you're joking you are not allowed to burp when we sit and eat, thats what my mum says.


- The smallest kids, 1- 3 years old, are sometimes allowed to play in the area with the bigger kids, 3 - 5 years old , & most of these smallest kids love to meet their siblings if they also are in day care. Boy soon 3 is SO happy to be with the bigger kids, and he says to girl soon 3 : Did you SEE your baby brother !! ( who actually is closer to 5 )


- Girl 3 comes running: Hurry UP hurry up, they are stamping on the ants, you gotta stop them, they are not allowed - the ants are crying !!!!


The bad smell is not uncommon when most of these cute kids are wearing diapers & you often hear a grown up ask, Did you poo ? Well this time it happened to be a two year old boy that recognized this bad smell so he asks the woman beside him : Did you poo ???


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