søndag 10. juli 2011


Sometimes you experience stuff & after they happen you find it hard to explain the situation that occurred. Sometimes this is because it's so unbelievable. Sometimes you experience good luck, other times you have bad luck. Unbelievable bad luck isn't what we often prefer, but sometimes we face it, and sometimes in those situations you realize a thing or two.

Wilma, my beloved car, my lil sister & I decided to take a day trip to this summer festival, Skjærgårds Music & Mission festival. I've been there a couple of times before and it takes approximately 1 hour from my place to get there. well, I've never driven there myself, thats something new that I tried out. Yesss, well lets say that didn't go to well. 'Cause if you don't have a GPS, and you get five different, wrong, explanations of how to get there, and yellow pages give up on you cause they don't find the place that you're looking for , and you accidently find yourself in another's garden and get stuck with your car in a pit, and need help from the family that owns that garden for the next 30 minutes, & your car starts smelling burnt, and you find out you've been sitting in the car for three hours.. You might understand that this place wasn't so easy to find.. For me at least.

How is it even possible to get lost in a small country as Norway you may think . BUT I assure you, IT'S possible.

Luckily we ger there, at the same time as my best friend who drove a couple of hours later than I did. My lil sis and can't stop laughing when we arrive, but the very moment I step out of my car I find myself crying instead. When my emotions are under control & I'm able to speak, & we're finally at the place we're supposed to be - it starts to rain, heavy rain with lightening & thunder, and I've got no boots....

& I look up at the sky and think what's next ...

BUT strangely I sense a gratefulness grow inside of me as I realize my first lesson; when EVERYTHING that can possibly go wrong occurs to me - God remains my stronghold. God is my good thing when everything else is bad..

as the night goes I get to listen to Jimmy Needham an artist whom I love listen to. Often I sing his songs.

and closer to midnight I find myself under a cloudless, blue sky, in the midst of thousands of young people, my shoes covered by mud, havin a blast with my best friends, singing along to good music as Leeland enter the stage, worshipping God with lyrics like; I praise you in summer rain... & my second lesson dawns on me:

God has his own sense of humor.

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