søndag 6. mai 2012


Days are flyin by,

like birds up in the sky.

Days counted in hours,

fading quickly as flowers.

Some days are all about fun,

& we live as in the light from the sun.

These days we absolutely heart,

but some days just tear us apart.

There are times of perfection,

& moments of rejection.

One moment we feel great'

other moments we absolutely hate

Life could turn upside down,

causing either a smile or an early frown.

But in between these days I find me,

thanking God, He has set me free.

cause whether I feel good or bad,

its not about the days I had.

He counted my days beforehand,

As He did with every grain of sand.

At this knowledge I will rejoice,

I will proclaim His greatness with my voice.

As I walk with my Savior,

I'm found every day, in His favor.

2 kommentarer:

  1. For en nydelig blogg du har! Her var det godt å være... Mange klemmer med ønske om en fin uke videre!!

  2. Så hyggelig! Tusen <3lig takk. Nå har jeg kikket innom din blogg - og både blitt oppmuntret & inspirert av det du har skrevet. Blessings' :)