onsdag 18. mai 2011

SoMeThInG that MaTTeRs

I'm sitting at the kitchen table at Debbie's place to not wake her up. Its still early in the morning. The last few days in Stockholm have been like an adventure. We've not just walked ourself weary in this beautiful city, we've also shared countless laugh bursts, we've finally had our needed Debbie & Marielle talks & we've eaten ice cream :)

I had my audition yesterday. It was a fun experience and I will get the results tonight that decides if I'm on for the next round. Even though I didn't have my best dance day I had a good time. My Norwegian and Swedish friends Anette & Lisa that I met in New York City also showed up for the audition! :)

& then I had to walk to the train in pouring rain without an umbrella and take the train one and a half hour to Debs place.

and I find myself thinkin, could it get any better???

- OOOOPS. It could.

But I've learned that even though everything isn't the way you want things to be, but still is able to be happy inside.. Thats when you know that God is alive - IN YOU

& THAT is what really matters. ;)

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