søndag 29. august 2010

NYC heartbeats

So ... Three norwegian princesses entering the big apple .. and what can I say ? I think we love it. Yep. Definitely.

Our first day in the city wednesday 25th of august we smelled NY air for the first time. And yet I don't think Maria & I've realized that this city is gonna be our new home the next 6 months. It's a pretty big city, that we've learned for sure.. and during the first days we've been everywhere, well not exactly, but it feels like it cause our feet are dying, literally. Waking up with sore, red, huge feet .. Somebody really believes in beauty sleep, but every morning we wake up now our feet just seem more sore. So that theory about beauty sleep, it just died. Buut. Anyways. that's not stopping us for taking over the city. Nope thats what we've been up to the first days here.

Starting with this

.. ending up with .. FOOD


.. and new shoes ..

continuing with this

Ending up with foood. In Central Park

mmm, Central Park

Empire State Building

View from Empire State

Staten Island Ferry

aaaaaAAND barbeque with the AMERICAN's

EXHAUSTED but HAPPY princesses

.. we really don't care that the beauty-sleep don't work for us :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. så gøy!!! gla på dine vegne, kos deg masse videre :D love, bigsis

  2. Hahaha, digger innlegget med bildene våre ;)

  3. HURRA! Eg blei kjempegla når eg såg dokk hadde blogg! liiiike det! det ser heilt herlig ut der =) håpe dokk hr det konge! glede meg til å lese mer! =) du e rå