tirsdag 7. januar 2014

American christmas this (last) year!

This christmas was a little different from what Im used to. I was honored to be a part of Jeff & his family's christmas holiday in Georgia. It was so fun, and even though it was different, I found it exciting to experience an american christmas. (That has always been my secret dream).

 I love being with my family, and I missed them during the time in The States. But facetime made it a little easier.  I do wish sometimes I could be two places at once..

We were delayed into London, but we got escorted to the next gate, so we made the Atlanta flight, and we got to the US safely. We enjoyed the long flight with movies, books and shoulder rolls. :)

- AMERICA here we are again! -

They say everything is bigger in Amuurica. Jeff's parents had a christmas tree that almost reached the ceiling. I found it so beautiful! Absolutely love everything that has to do with christmas.

Grandparents & grandkids

Uncle Jeff & his adorable nephew

This little guy I fell in love with, and I guess he kinda liked me as well.

Jeff is handing out the christmas gifts. His usual duty on christmas day.

The more the merrier... Right?
The kids got caught up with all the gifts. 

This baby doll is simply beautiful.

She is smiling all the time!

These precious babies had their first christmas. They seemed to like it. :)

The small cousins..

VS the big cousins...

We had so much fun with these guys!


This is my amuurican hunk!

One day we went to a german town called Helen. It was beautiful there. They sold some scandinavian stuff as well.

Such a nice cafe! 

This red velvet cake was so good!

Beautiful family of three


One, two... Put your hands up! :p

This little guy is running around, always into something!


Oh, we love Amurrrica 

 y'all ready for some big stuff in 2014!  

"But as for me, I trust in you, O Lord: I say "You are my God", my times are in your hand." Psalm 31, 14-15

onsdag 23. oktober 2013

Someone to rely on

Each and every day is different from the other. Sometimes they might seem very much alike, but small or big adjustments will always take place as we do our everyday life.

Change might happen in our mood. As a girl I can testify that emotions can change really quickly, and not always to the better. Change might happen in our plans. Someone might surprise us and make us do something spontaneous and totally different. Sometimes we cant help the change that appear, other times we are responsible for the change. I know Im pretty adaptable to a change as long as Im all in and prepared in the first place. Sometimes I make specific choices that cause a difference of some kind. Even though I don't know the outcome I deal with it pretty well because I'm responsible for this choice. Now. Things might not always turn out the way we planned, because life is unpredictable. These changes are not always easy to accept or go through.

Its a fact that no days are the same, and we will have both good and bad days AND good and bad seasons. Our days will vary the same way the weather does, it's changing constantly as it gets colder or warmer throughout the year. As well as a year changes from spring into summer, summer into fall and then to winter before it turns spring again, our life will be different as we go through these different seasons.

Some people find it easier to adapt through the different stages of life and keep a positive attitude about things. But we all have the ability to talk, act or think in a way that could affect our day or someones else's day to the better.

But as human beings we're not always in control- and we're not supposed to be either. We are actually supposed to lean on Him who who created us and all things, because He is the One who never changes. Jesus was, is and will always stay the SAME. The truth He speaks of will always stay true- >and his love and grace for you is steadfast.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1.17

tirsdag 26. juni 2012

Girls & precious pearls

" Forsake not an old friend, for a new one does not compare with him."
Ecclesiastics 9:10

Yup. We know how to turn a girls' weekend into the most fun :)!


I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and new. - Will Carleton


søndag 24. juni 2012

A listening ear

These days it is sometimes difficult to'take a time out'. Things are happening around us all the time & we wanna be part of everything that is going on. It's even hard to distant ourselves from social medias that may occupy a lot of our time. Processes inside of us may also occupy more energy than we sometimes like to admit.

The world we live in is chaotic in many different ways.

but in all this chaos I've learned that I need to find a quiet place. Cause there I'm able to listen to what God says about me. He speaks about the life He has given me and those words speak life, hope, future & love into my heart. Sometimes they are rather tough to hear. But either way - they define my life in a way I could only dream of & I'm reminded of the things in life that is really important.

And a listening ear is really all it takes.

tirsdag 29. mai 2012

Follow Your Gut

Some days I get all caught up in watching videos on youtube like this one. I guess people would say I'm weird, no one else is really watching me, but I find myself laugh, cheer, cry and clap as I see those different stories bein shown. Its something about people who dare follow their hearts. Its both fascinating and inspiring, and it reminds me how every one has a story that needs to be heard - one way or the other.

As Will.I.Am puts it;


mandag 28. mai 2012

Taste of Beauty

- It isn't the big pleasures that count the most; its making a great deal out of the little ones. - Jean Webster

Each day carries the potential of beauty. As our busy days come and go, we often overlook the most precious moments. The little things that are right in front of our eyes, are the things that could give us a taste of beauty - even if its just the slightest taste, it might be just enough to give us the amount of joy we needed this day.

Look up & see what will make your day.